What to expect and helpful hints for family sessions

When you book your session we will consult to determine a location and create a plan that works best for you and your family! I'm happy to help with any questions you have as well as outfit guidance, etc.

My recommended time to shoot outdoors or using window light is early morning or evening before sunset. Indoor sessions are typically scheduled before noon. However, I do realize that with little ones we have nap times and "grumpy times" to consider, so we can always get creative!

Of course capturing the moments in the best quality possible is my job, but there are some things beyond my control, so this is what makes us a team working towards the same goal....pictures that you will cherish!

Here are a few things that can help

Most importantly: relax, be yourself, and just have fun! I treat my sessions as a chance to hang out with you, I am very patient, and love what I do. So do not worry about things going perfectly. Sometimes the best shots are the unplanned ones and even the not smiling ones too!

I'm often asked "What should we wear?" If you are going for a classic look then dress in neutral, solid colors (layers are always great!) or spice it up with brighter colors that will "pop." Patterns can sometimes distract from the overall scene, but if you have a "spunkier" style and that's what you want to portray in your pictures, then let's do it! This should be a fun experience where you feel like you get to be YOU.

For the little ones

PLEASE do not over prepare them for the photoshoot...it's easiest to photograph kids when they are relaxed and feel like they get to be themselves with no pressure (this tends to work with adults too!) So please do not start the session with bribery of toys or candy or other such "deals." If this ends up necessary then that is fine, but a lot of times it makes them feel like they are doing something they HAVE to do and no longer a fun experience.

Feel free to bring snacks/drinks for the kids if you think they may be needed mid-session. 

Bring a change of clothes if you have different looks you want or for "just in case" situations too.

Dress them appropriately.. if it's cold outside, they will not want to smile for the camera if they are freezing too.

I am very comfortable with little ones and have many strategies for keeping the session fun for them, but if you know of any special songs, favorite toys, etc. that really make your little one happy feel free to let me know. If too many of us are trying to get them to smile at the same time they can get overwhelmed quickly.

Again, the main goal is to have fun! We all look our best when we are enjoying ourselves. :)